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This is not something that can be blamed on the e-Privacy Directive. Although clearly the block on scanning for child pornographic material is not a great move. This trend required more than 'preventative' measures such as scanning, it requires 'protective' measures too. Unsurprising, all countries should follow Sweden when it comes to protecting children online, i.e. digital rights. This trend online child exploitation trend that started over 10 years ago, I remember when I was researching my first book, and this was published in 2009. I remember how I felt at the time... couldn't sleep. Apart from the fact the child is sexually exploited, the most terrible consequence is that the child kill themselves. It wasn't called 'sextortion' 10 years ago, because it is in main used to 'groom' a child, then blackmail the child into carrying through the sexual requests of the pedophile. There are moreover, children using sextortion on other children which can lead to an equally tragic outcome. How can we stop this happening? I think the only way is the same way as for vulnerable women, an aggressive campaign. Have signs on the inside of toilet doors, go viral with advertising like is happening with covid, ring Bris (child help org in Sweden), get help. Bring awareness into the public domain, so any child will be able to report if they see another child at risk.

Online child sexual exploitation — the ongoing privacy vs protection debate

From the US, UK, East Asia and Australasia, authorities have detected a rise in online sexual exploitation among children and young people.

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